Selling Your Property At Auction

Selling real estate can be time consuming for the buyers and sellers and negotiating terms can be frustrating.  Selling your property at auction can be an exciting, efficient and effective method of meeting the needs of both buyers and sellers. Auctions feature dynamics that cannot be achieved in a traditional real estate listing. In a traditional listing, the buyer can negotiates the sale price downward.  In an auction, bidding between buyers can only drive the price upward.

• Auctions generate an exciting event around your property.

• Selling properties at auctions can be flexible to meet your needs.

• Eliminates the need for multiple showings and buyer negotiations.

• Auction properties are sold AS IS, WHERE IS.

• Quicker sale times eliminate costs such as taxes and maintenance, interest and missed business opportunities.

• Seller also determines the method of selling at auction - Selling at Reserve or Absolute - Selling Online, On Site or Simulcast.

• The terms of the sale are established before the auction takes place.

• Certain unique properties are well suited for the auction process when true market value cannot be determined. Let the buyers compete to get fair value for your property.

• Comas Montgomery can also sell personal property along with your real estate asset.  We do all the cataloguing and inventory of items to take the pressure off the sellers.  Our team works hard to get the items listed and marketing to achieve additional revenue for our sellers.

• Realtors can work with Comas Montgomery 

• Allows the seller to determine the marketing process.

• Auctions expose your property to a larger number of serious buyers.

• Auctions are date and time sensitive, which makes buyers act quickly.

• Creation of a sense of urgency and competition amongst your buyers. 

• Buyers come to your property and are prepared to purchase that day!

• Assures your property can be sold at true market value.

• Auction price can well exceed the price of a negotiated sale.  

• Selling at a Comas Montgomery auction, it's possible for the client to sell their property with no money out of pocket.


• An intense, ACCELERATED marketing process with Competitive Bidding creates competition among buyers.
• The seller knows exactly when the property will sell.
• Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes and maintenance.
• Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings.
• Takes the seller out of the negotiation process.
• Targeted marketing brings in the right buyers to your property.
• Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility spotlighting your property.
• An auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.
• A particular sale price is not attached to your assets.
• With the number of bids placed throughout the auction, the final sales price can only go up!

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